What Food Apparel Service Does for Restaurants

Weighing the pros and cons of getting a food apparel service? They’re not for every restaurant but the benefits they provide often make them a no-brainer! In order to understand what food apparel service will do for your restaurant, it’s best to first take a look at why it may be necessary to have one in the first place. 

Common Problems that Food Apparel Service Solves

There are a variety of reasons that a restaurant could use a food apparel service. Here are the three most important issues those businesses face that food apparel service solves for them. 

Unsanitary Conditions

Sanitation will always be important when it comes to food. However, without the proper apparel or maintenance practices, sanitation goes right out the window. Leaving old, poorly-maintained apparel and its washing to employees is a recipe for disaster. No matter how amazing the employee, they will never be able to match the cleanliness found in a commercial laundry facility. 

Lack of Protection

Overused apparel will fall apart without routine maintenance. Without it, durability goes down and employees are put at risk of serious injury. They regularly deal with sharp objects, scalding hot food and water, and other hazardous materials. They need protection from these dangerous elements which they won’t have with poorly-maintained apparel.

Poor Performance

If grime, grease, or staining substances are a part of the job, employees will be more hesitant to tackle tasks if they’re worried about the appearance of the clothes they have on. Uniform service alleviates those concerns by conditions, their performance goes down. They often spend a great deal of their time focusing too much on not getting hurt or sick and not as much as they otherwise would on what they’re doing. 

Model Uniforms is the Food Apparel Service You Need!

Learn what food apparel service will do for your restaurant with help from Model Uniforms

  • Sanitation: Model Uniforms provides industry-leading commercial laundry service. Our state-of-the-art washers, dryers, extractors, and boilers exhaustively clean each of our products. No stain, chemical, bacteria, or other contaminant survives our thorough process. 
  • Protection: Our experienced specialists fix every rip and tear with help from our advanced MAC Tracking System. We replace every item too far gone for repairs at no additional cost! We ensure our products are always as new and durable as the day it was originally provided no matter what condition it was in.
  • Performance: We build our products with users in mind. We thoroughly test every item for its ability to withstand danger and perform well. If a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we go back to the drawing board until we make something that does. After all, our goal is to give your staff the tools they need to succeed.

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