The Importance of Quality Flame-Resistant Apparel Service

People who work with electric utility lines, chemicals, petroleum, metals, and other flammable materials know the importance of quality flame-resistant apparel. If a uniform service is providing them clean and in like-new condition every delivery, that’s even better. Here are the greatest problems high-quality flame-resistant apparel uniform service solves: 

What Problems Do Flame-Resistant Apparel Prevent

Without flame-resistant material, several easily preventable problems arise. Here are just a few.

Flash / Fire Injuries

Fire is dangerous no matter the industry, and one of the most problematic elements of any job where it’s present or likely. Injuries that result from fire exposure are incredibly painful and take a considerable time to heal. For such a regular and deadly risk, it’s important to ensure worker safety with apparel ready to stand up to burns.

Consequential Health Issues

The burns that come with fires aren’t the only health problem they can cause. With fire comes smoke and, in enclosed spaces, those who manage to escape getting burned are still inhaling toxic fumes. This potentially extends to inhaling dangerous chemicals that have been burned into a gas. These problems aren’t apparent immediately but take their toll over time. Without the masks and goggles that often come with flame-resistant apparel, these problems can be just as fatal as burns. 

Wider Damage

Fire does not discriminate and will burn anyone and anything in its path. This includes the environments they start in and often the surrounding area. Firefighters can only arrive so fast and, in life or death situations, every second counts. Company budgets are also included in this damage. $14.8 billion was lost to fire-related damages in 2019 alone. This includes worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits from staff or other surrounding businesses, government/regulator fines, and repair costs. 

Model Uniforms Will Protect You From Fires

Model Uniforms is an industry leader in providing flame-resistant apparel. Our personal protective equipment (PPE) stands up to each of the major problems that fire presents. 

  • Fire-Resistant Uniforms: Our uniforms protect workers from the hottest and most unruly of fires. Through proper insulation, they prevent even the extreme heat from causing staff to panic and accidentally spread it further. The material easily puts out fires and even prevents them from starting in many cases. 
  • Masks and Goggles: Part of our flame-resistant apparel are high-quality masks and goggles. Each keeps staff from inhaling toxic smoke or chemicals and also protects against eyesight damage. 
  • Cost Saving: Our clients don’t just save money on preventing fires from spreading and protecting their employees. Our premium apparel is competitively priced and carefully laundered to ensure every item is ready to do its job well and last while doing it. 

Start With Model Uniforms Today!

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