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Mac Tracking System

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We'll keep track of your uniforms as they are cleaned, mended, and sorted from the time they're received, up until delivery, ensuring complete, clean, care ...every time.

How it Works

Pick Up

Once a week we’ll drive to your location, pickup your soiled garments, and take them back to our cleaning facility. You will see your customer care representative each week. On top of that, our customer service staff is always in the area and readily available to provide you with instant satisfaction for your urgent needs


Using scanning technology to keep track of your materials sounds complicated, but it's not. Model’s Automated Complete (MAC) Tracking System simplifies uniform maintenance by electronically tracking each garment throughout the entire process providing accurate cleaning, mending, inspecting, embroidering, delivering, and caring of your uniforms. Complete orders every time through Model Uniforms!

Inspect & Clean

Every order is inspected by our certified Fabric-Care Experts. Their training and consistent testing assures that missing buttons, stubborn stains, and worn-out uniforms will be mended, retreated, or replaced. So send us your white dress shirts, your grimy uniforms, even your filthy shop rags and rugs. All items will be returned fresh, clean, and in good repair so you look great.

Sort & Deliver

All uniforms are fitted with the MAC™ Tracking System which allows for meticulous accuracy within the cleaning, maintaining, and delivering processes. Clean, accurate deliveries of uniforms every time means your staff is dressed and ready to work. Delivery of your garments takes place each week, like clockwork, you can count on us.

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