Common Uniform Maintenance Complications 

uniform maintenance complications

While there is no question about how important uniforms are to your business, the burden they come with is also undeniable. And the biggest and most challenging of these responsibilities is maintenance. For one, it’s time-consuming and costly. And, depending on the type of uniforms you own, it can be quite difficult! In short, common uniform maintenance complications come with the territory.

The Most Common Uniform Maintenance Complications

Here are some of the most common problems related to uniform maintenance:

Substandard or Inappropriate Laundering

Laundry procedures define not only the impeccable, clean appearance of clothing. They are also essential in ensuring the longevity of the garment. They are one of the biggest and most common uniform maintenance complications. This is mainly due to the fact that commercial uniforms require a more specific type of laundering. With the kind and amount of battering uniforms go through every day, regular washing techniques prove insufficient. They result in permanent stains, damages, and cut-short the uniforms’ lifespan.

Meeting Volume Demands

Ensuring uniform availability is another of many common uniform maintenance complications. And it’s a problem that plagues both large and small businesses. Making sure that every employee has a clean uniform every day requires a fully-operational department dedicated solely to that purpose.

Damage Repair

Uniform damages of all sorts are generally inevitable. After all, your staff uses their uniforms for long periods and in demanding situations. Not to mention, uniforms are regularly subjected to some of the most rigorous laundry processes. All of this damages the garments and requires immediate attention. With tens, maybe even hundreds of uniforms in your inventory, it becomes a massive undertaking.

Excessive Maintenance Costs

The cost of uniform supplies does not begin and end with acquiring them. They require long-term care that comes with overhead costs from all angles. It involves laundry equipment, employees, utilities, and a whole laundry list of items that excessively raise the costs. And with poor management, uniform maintenance costs have the potential to turn into a budgetary nightmare.

The Better, Easier Solution for Your Uniform Maintenance Needs

Owning and maintaining your uniforms are, without a doubt, laden with risks and burdens that can negatively impact your business. The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be. Not when you have Model Uniforms’ expertise to aid you in all your uniform maintenance needs!

Model Uniforms is the unbeaten expert in uniform supply and care service, serving businesses across Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our service provides solutions for all of the most common uniform maintenance complications! We offer:

  • Superior Uniform Selections. Model Uniforms offers a curated selection of top-notch uniforms. Each uniform that we offer has gone through rigorous quality control to ensure the integrity of its material and design. No matter what business you’re in, you can always expect your uniforms to meet your standards and expectations.
  • Complete Maintenance Solutions. Model Uniforms employs a very detailed maintenance process that ensures the best care for your work garments. We have a team of highly-trained experts that use superior techniques and advanced technology in our massive facility. Our team also specializes in garment repair, to make sure that each item in your delivery is damage-free and ready to use. We even have specialized maintenance services for more specific garments, i.e., expert dry-cleaning services.
  • Customer Support Every Step of the Way. When uniform emergencies arise, Model Uniforms’ customer service team is always just one call away. It doesn’t matter how basic or difficult your problems may be. Our team will stay on top of things to prevent them from interfering with your operations.
  • An Affordable Alternative to COGs. Best of all, Model Uniforms’ rental service also lets you cut back on the cost of keeping and maintaining your uniforms. You don’t have to worry about operating a laundry facility, or hiring people to run it – because it’s all taken care of.

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