Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Canton, OH

At Model Uniforms, we offer exceptional and affordable uniform, mat, and facility service in Canton. Equipping your team with our products will create a positive and professional image for your customers. Our top priority is ensuring the consistent quality of our offerings while ensuring customer service remains accessible to everyone. Choosing Model Uniforms as your business’ provider is a wise decision if you value quality above all else!

The Most Dependable Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Canton

Model Uniforms is well-known for providing exceptional uniform, mat, and facility service in Canton. Our most popular services include:

Uniform Rental

No employee should have to compromise style for comfort in the workplace. We offer a wide variety of uniforms that combine both style and comfort, perfect for those who work hard all day long, whether in customer service or on a construction site. Our practical designs prioritize ease of wear so that our customers can look and feel great while completing their daily tasks with confidence!

Dust Control

Investing in Model Uniforms’ top-quality floor care products means enjoying a clean and safe work environment with minimal effort. Our highly durable mats are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic without cracking or buckling. They are perfect for high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning. Additionally, our selection of mops is your go-to tool for tackling dirt and dust buildup from floors!

Cleaning/Restroom Services

At Model Uniforms, we understand the importance of providing customers with a positive restroom experience. That’s why our team only uses the finest quality products that are spotlessly clean and fully stocked to meet their expectations.

  • Antibacterial and industrial soaps
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dispensers
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Air fresheners

Dry Cleaning

In addition to our outstanding services, we’re also here to meet all of your dry cleaning and maintenance needs.

  • Shirt laundry
  • Alterations
  • Repairs
  • Spot removal
  • Wedding gown laundering
  • Leather, suede, and fur dry cleaning

Direct Purchase Programs

Programs Investing in our products today secures a better future for you by avoiding the hassle of monthly rental payments. Not only will you save money, but also time! Our products are reliable and high-quality, so there’s no need to worry about what you’re investing in. Make an informed decision now that ensures long-term financial security with one simple purchase!

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Model Uniforms provides businesses of all sizes with the resources they need to succeed. With our complete uniform, mat, and facility service in Canton, you can find exactly what your business needs. To learn more about how we can help you succeed, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-336-6335 or visit our website today!