Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Altoona, PA 

Meeting your business goals is a daily struggle. There’s no need to make it harder by taking on your supply needs on your own. Get these needs met instead by the best uniform, mat, and facility service in Altoona, PA: Model Uniforms!

The Number One Name in Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Altoona is Model Uniforms!

Model Uniforms provides superior quality results for your uniform, dust control, and facility supply service needs. We have all the best products that you need under one roof and the quality service that lets you focus on what matters most to your business. We offer:

Uniform Rental

Your uniform needs deserve the kind of solutions that ensure quality, cleanliness, and overall dependability. And this is what Model Uniforms can bring you and more. Our complete uniform solutions are designed to withstand the hardest and harshest of workdays, so your employees can function comfortably and at their most productive.

Dust Control

The cleanliness and condition of your floors reflect on your brand. Make sure yours say only the best things about your business with better and more secure cleaning through Model Uniforms’ dust control service. We not only provide superior quality dust control tools to choose from. We also ensure that they arrive on time, regularly, and in the right volume that meets your business’ needs. Say goodbye to expensive floor repairs and slip-and-fall risks with top-notch mats and mops from Model Uniforms!

Restroom Cleaning Products

Keep your restrooms fully stocked, and your customers satisfied, with the more dependable restroom supply services in Altoona. Our selection includes disposable paper products, odor control solutions, and hand hygiene essentials. We make sure that every item meets product quality standards and that they are also made easily available for your convenience.

Dry Cleaning

Model Uniforms doesn’t just specialize in supplying and caring for your essential linens. We are also certified experts at professional dry cleaning. Your most delicate garments get the best care in the hands of our in-house specialists!

Direct Purchase Programs

Looking for an option other than uniform rental? We can take care of that, too! Our flexible programs let you choose between the convenience of uniform rental service and the control of uniform purchases. You know your needs best – we’re just here to meet them in the best quality and the most dependable quality.

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