Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Clairton, PA

Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Clairton, PA

Businesses in need of reliable uniform, mat, and facility service in Clairton, PA will find what they need through Model Uniforms. We’ve supplied professional-grade items to businesses throughout Pennsylvania for decades and know the level of quality and care that’s required.

What Model Uniforms Brings to the Table

Since 1982, Model Uniforms has provided top-notch uniform, mat, and facility service in Clairton to businesses who need it. We offer each of the following to our clients:

Uniform Rental

Model Uniforms’ rental program ensures that our clients have the uniforms they need, whenever they need them. Our uniform service is available for employees working in any industry, with uniforms specialized to meet their unique protection needs. This includes flame-resistant, high-visibility, and extreme weather workwear to ensure optimum safety. Our uniforms are ergonomic, comfortable, and enable staff to perform at their best.

Dust Control

Model Uniforms understands how essential it is to clean the workplace. We ensure that employees are in a healthy, safe environment with quality floor care and dust control services. Our mats and mops keep the floors clean and we maintain each product ourselves! This way, our clients never worry about maintaining their stock of useful items.

Cleaning/Restroom Services

Model Uniforms ensures optimal hygiene in business restrooms. We use quality air fresheners, disposable towels, hand sanitizers, and restroom products to ensure that the bathroom is sanitary. We ensure that no restroom throws customers off by ensuring they look and smell clean at all times.

Dry Cleaning

Model Uniforms offers dedicated professionals and exceptional machinery to ensure every item is clean and ready to go. Our dry cleaning facility service and uniform service are reliable and keep our clients’ stock up to date and sanitary.

Direct Purchase Programs

Not every business wants to rent products which is why we also offer direct purchase programs. While these purchases don’t include inventory management and product maintenance, they save our clients from recurring fees. No matter what option you desire, Model Uniforms is ready to provide it!


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