Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Crescent, PA

Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Crescent, PA

Model Uniforms offers uniforms, mats, and facility service products to Crescent businesses that improve business appearance, cleanliness, and professionalism. Make a positive first impression on prospects and deepen ties with customers with Model Uniforms. Here’s what we can do for your business:

Crescent’s Local, Reliable Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service Provider: Model Uniform

Since 1980, we’ve been the leader in uniform, mat, and facility servicing in Crescent. We provide the following services:

Uniform Rental

We offer everything from industrial and flame-resistant uniforms to food service and resort wear. The name-brand uniforms we provide are fitted, comfortable, and always professional-looking.

Dust Control

Cleaning floors is a task all businesses share. Make it simple with Model Uniform’s dust control services. We offer a variety of mat styles to help keep employees and customers safe in high-traffic or spill-prone areas of the business. Additionally, we provide commercial-grade mops that are effective and ready.

Cleaning/Restroom Services

To ensure customers using restrooms have a clean, comfortable experience, staying stocked on supplies is essential. Model Uniforms provides bathroom cleaning and stocking materials that improve restroom cleanliness, appearance, and odor.

  • Antibacterial and industrial soaps
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dispensers
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Air fresheners

Dry Cleaning

We offer the following dry cleaning and garment maintenance services:

  • Shirt laundry
  • Alterations
  • Repairs
  • Spot removal
  • Wedding gown laundering
  • Leather, suede, and fur dry cleaning

Direct Purchase Programs

We offer some materials for purchase. Ensure the quality of materials your business needs when purchasing directly through us.

Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Crescent Through Model Uniforms is Ready to Help!

Businesses in Crescent can get their uniform, mat, and facility service needs met through Model Uniforms. Call us at 1-855-336-6335 or visit our website for additional information on our products and services.

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