Uniform Rental Professionalism Through Model Uniforms 

uniform rental professionalism

Uniform rental that’s professional and experienced makes your whole business look good. Don’t leave that responsibility up to a service that can’t handle it. Model Uniforms has the expertise, experience, and facility excellence all in the bag – and more. 

Here’s what makes Model Uniforms your best uniform rental professional:

High-Quality Selection 

At Model Uniforms, we believe that so-so uniforms are bad uniforms. This is the guiding principle behind our extensive quality control process. Our inspection process is as meticulous on the day we acquire new items for rent as it is for every item we repeatedly process and deliver to your doorsteps.

We leave no part of our uniforms unchecked – from the buttons and seams to the most basic shirts to your crucial protective garments.

You can always expect top-notch uniforms with every delivery, no matter what type of uniform you get from us. We offer:

  • Industrial Work Apparel
  • Image/Casual Apparel
  • Safety/Flame-Resistant Apparel
  • Food Service Apparel

Uniform Service that Gives You Peace of Mind

At Model Uniforms, it is never really just about renting your uniforms. We offer complete and reliable solutions for all your uniform needs. The process is as efficient as it is secure. On top of our top-notch laundry processes that ensure the cleanliness of your items, we offer complete garment care. 

Our team has certified fabric-care experts who make sure that no uniform is below standards. Our experts in garment mending make sure your uniforms are always in tiptop shape. We also use a high-tech garment tracking system called MAC to protect you against the hassles and expense of garment loss. It uses barcode technology to ensure items are counted for at every stage in the process. Making your items your own is easy and hassle-free with us too! Our embroidery service for commercial and industrial uniforms is outstanding so your employees can wear their uniforms with pride.

The Family Business that Treats You Like Family

Working with a family business is extremely beneficial. Model Uniforms has been family-owned and -operated since the day we first opened shop in the 1980s. A good amount of our longevity and company success is due to the family values that we apply in our day-to-day.

Our core principle as a company is to treat our customers like family. We treat your needs as if they were ours, with urgency, efficiency, and attention to detail. We aim for complete customer satisfaction with every transaction. It goes beyond making sure that everything is in order. It also means that our customer care representatives will come to see you every week to stay on top of all your needs.

The evidence doesn’t lie! We have some of the highest customer retention rates among Pennsylvania and Ohio commercial uniform service companies.

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