The Uniform Service Your Pennsylvania Business Deserves

Not every uniform service in Pennsylvania is the right one for your business. Whether it’s the quality of service or materials delivered, only one company offers the best. Model Uniforms is the uniform service with a dedicated history of providing both! Get superior uniform and image care for your business and all the benefits of clean uniforms delivered daily with us! 

What Makes Model Uniforms So Special to Pennsylvania Businesses?

Commercial laundry businesses are a dime a dozen in Pennsylvania but our uniform service stands above the rest. Here’s why: 

Complete Service

Model Uniforms promises complete orders every time. Model’s Automated Complete (MAC) Tracking System keeps track of your uniforms from the moment they enter our facility to the moment they return to you. We keep a close eye on your clothes as we clean, mend, and sort them to ensure there are no shortages or other complications along the way. Our process is as organized as possible to achieve a 100% return rate.

We also offer short-term rental and direct purchase programs. In both cases, we provide only the highest quality uniform service for the best rates in Pennsylvania. Model promises to stop allowing missing or damaged uniforms impact your day-to-day operations. We offer punctual deliveries of uniforms as accurately to your desires as possible. 

Cleanliness In Everything We Provide and Do

Not all stains are created equal and Model Uniforms specializes in the especially difficult ones. Our premium garment fixing and dry cleaning facilities provide high-quality care at a low asking price. Our uniform service works hard to ensure purchases only go towards clean products, no matter what you buy.

Once each week, a customer care representative will drive to you, pick up your uniforms, and take them back to our cleaning facility. There, no stain, smear, or smudge will slip by without being dealt with. You’ll also have constant access to our customer service staff who will always be at your disposal and ready to help with whatever is needed to ensure your uniforms are clean.

Careful Management 

Model Uniforms is a family business with a strong belief in the significance of quality customer service. From our very founding over 40 years ago, we have strived to grow as the premier uniform service in the Keystone State. Since then, our strong work ethic has allowed us to successfully expand further throughout Pennsylvania as well as into parts of West Virginia and Ohio. 

The care we put into our uniform service is what helps us stand out from the rest of the competition in the minds of our customers. Our family values have allowed us to achieve one of the highest customer retention rates in the commercial laundry industry. We take pride in our ability to treat our customers like they’re part of that family.

Model Uniforms is the Best Uniform Service in Pennsylvania

Why settle for less when you could go with Model Uniform? Our complete, clean, and caring approach makes us exactly the uniform service your Pennsylvania business deserves. Call us at (855) 336-6335 or get in touch with us here for a free consultation.