At Model Uniforms, we provide superior uniform and image care for your business. We're family, and that's how we'll treat you. Trust us to complete your order accurately, punctually, and immaculately.

Not getting back the uniforms you turned in can interrupt your day and affect your ability to perform your job correctly and safely. We get that. Complete orders—every time; it's a Model guarantee.

By cleaning, tracking, mending, inspecting, embroidering, delivering, and caring for uniforms, we manage your complete uniform program so you don't have to.

Some stains will wash out when laundered; others, well, they need a bit more help, which is fine with us because dry cleaning and mending garments are our specialties. We give the same care to your uniform as we do to your finest suit in our retail stores. So send us your white dress shirts, your grimy uniforms, even your filthy shop rags and rugs. All items will be returned fresh, clean, and in good repair so you look great.

Family owned and operated since opening our doors in 1980, we're more than just another faceless vendor concerned chiefly with shareholder profits.

Call us on our customer service line, send us an e-mail, or reach us on our cell phones. We care about uniforms, sure, but we also care about you, like family.