Facility Service in Ohio and Pennsylvania That’s Always Ready

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Facility service in Ohio and Pennsylvania that’s highly effective and very affordable is right here at Model Uniforms. 

Keeping any business space clean is a 24/7 job. Do you have the power to keep up? If not, it might be time to partner up with a facility service for your Ohio or Pennsylvania facility.  

Common Maintenance Problems in Businesses

There are many things that plague businesses, as far as upkeep is concerned.

  • Constant, heavy foot traffic. As much as we love high customer traffic, we all know how much harder it is to keep spaces clean when things get hectic. The floors get dirty faster than we can keep up and restroom supplies run out faster than we can restock. As much as it is a happy kind of problem, it’s one that we can’t blindly neglect. Customers refuse to return to businesses that show any sign of poor hygiene.  
  • Poor or unsuitable cleaning methods. Not everyone is cut out for the hard-hitting requirements of cleaning a busy business space. Not everyone is equipped with commercial cleaning essentials either. Many of us are guilty of committing seemingly harmless cleaning mistakes.
  • Lack of janitorial manpower. Many businesses just don’t have enough resources to outsource a regular cleaning service. More often than not, these companies have to rely on their small team of employees to maintain the business space. Between keeping the business running and customers happy, employees are spread rather thinly. It leaves little time or energy to clean and replenish restrooms and other supplies. This is where a readily available facility supply service proves beneficial. For businesses in Ohio and Pennsylvania, there’s one facility service company that is always ready to jump in and help: Model Uniforms!

The Ohio and Pennsylvania Facility Service That Keeps Up

Model Uniforms is not the most trusted facility service supplier in Ohio and Pennsylvania for nothing. With Model Uniforms, you can expect:

  • A complete selection of cleaning essentials for every space in your facility. Model Uniforms is the one-stop-shop for your Ohio and Pennsylvania facility service needs. We offer dust control tools like commercial mats, dust and wet mops, and a selection of cleaning towels. We also offer a complete range of restroom supplies including paper and hand hygiene products.
  • Professional maintenance of dust control supplies. Model Uniforms also provides professional maintenance service for your dust control essentials. We use top-notch equipment and expert cleaning methods to make sure that your mats, mops, and towels are always in tiptop shape. Our dust control supply service comes with an efficient and convenient professional cleaning service. As a result, you can focus on cleaning your space, not cleaning your cleaning tools.
  • Dependable deliveries, zero shortages. Keeping up with your maintenance supplies is easier and more efficient with Model Uniforms! Our efficient service makes sure you stay on top of your inventory needs with timely, accurate deliveries and dedicated route representatives. Shortages, whether of your mopheads or restroom supplies, will surely be a thing of the past with Model Uniforms.   

And the best part? We’re always one call away! What are you waiting for? Sign up for your complete facility service from Model Uniforms today.

Jumpstart Your Maintenance Solutions with Model Uniforms

When it comes to your business space’s cleanliness, you can never let your guard down. Keep up with your cleaning needs with a little boost from Model Uniforms today! Call us at 1(855) 33MODEL to set up service, request pricing information, or speak with a representative from our team.