Uniform, Mat, and Towel Service in Columbus, Ohio

Businesses in Colombus in need of reliable and professional uniform, mat, towel, or facility service will find what they’re looking for and more at Model Uniforms! We offer high-quality, professionally maintained items through our local, family-owned processing facility. We’re always listening to our customers, and are ready to respond to any issues or changes they have to make. Here’s what we offer: 

Services We Offer Colombus Businesses

Model Uniforms offers a variety of products and services for clients in need of quality uniform, mat, and towel service in Columbus:

Uniform Rental

Our uniforms lead the industry in quality, durability, and affordability, setting a standard for others to follow. We work closely with each of our clients so we can tailor our rental services around their budget.

Dust Control

We keep outside contaminants from degrading our clients’ floors with high-quality mat service. Each has tough bristles able to withstand high traffic areas and customizable designs to fit just about anywhere! We also offer efficiently designed mops to clean up what our mats can’t keep out. 

Cleaning/Restroom Service

Our paper, hand washing, and restroom maintenance products withstand the worst imaginable situations. They’ll clean the toughest messes while also ensuring cleanliness.

Dry Cleaning

Model Uniforms utilizes thorough dry cleaning facilities to ensure high degrees of cleanliness. Our state-of-the-art machinery and experienced specialists have never met a stain they couldn’t handle!

Direct Purchase Programs

Looking to buy instead of rent? Our direct purchase programs are available to any client that needs them, including products of the same quality as our rental service!

Exclusive MAC Tracking System

Model Uniforms’ MAC Tracking System keeps a close eye on every linen that goes through our laundry facilities. No rips or tears ever make it through without being spotted and immediately repaired or replaced at no additional cost. 

Why Local Service Beats the Nationals

You know their names, their trucks, and their advertisements, but do you think you’ll ever be able to trust them? National brand providers have a wide reach and visibility, but that doesn’t translate to quality materials and reliable service.

That’s because it’s too easy for a group of executives thousands of miles away to overcharge and underserve your business. They’ll never hear about your issues, and they’ll never change.

A local provider like Model Uniforms, on the other hand, makes its name by word-of-mouth and great service. Our reputation is at stake every delivery. We don’t have thousands of other accounts to fall back on, or thousands of miles separating us from our clients. We’re right down the street (or not much further). We’re listening, and we’re ready.

Contact Model Uniforms for Industry-Leading Uniform, Mat, and Towel Service in Columbus!

Any business in need of uniform, mat, and towel service in Columbus should look no further than Model Uniforms! Our wide variety of services are of the highest quality in the industry. We also give our clients the best bang for their buck with highly competitive prices. Start today by calling (855) 336-6335 or by filling out this form