Uniform, Mat, and Towel Service in Pittsburgh

Model Uniforms is the leading provider of reliable uniform, mat, and towels service in Pittsburgh. Businesses in the city looking for service they can count on from a local, established provider will find what they need through us. 

What Makes Model Uniforms Stand Out from Other Pittsburgh Services?

Model Uniforms has everything a uniform, mat, and towel service needs to be successful. We are a small, family-owned business that knows our customers and how to provide them with personalized service. This is what makes us stand out from our competition:


Model Uniforms offers a variety of services useful to almost every industry. These include:


Model Uniforms understands the dangerous situations that employees in various industries find themselves in. We cover anything from dealing with dangerous machinery and harmful chemicals to something as simple as dirty floors. Our uniforms, mats, and towels all directly serve their users by protecting them from the most hazardous elements of their jobs. 


Model Uniforms’ linens are able to overcome the harshest of conditions so we have also ensured that they can keep doing so. Our commercial laundry process thoroughly washes every uniform, mat, and towel and returns everything to our clients as good as new. Our MAC Tracking System maintains high standards of cleanliness and usability for each of our linens. If something does not meet those standards, it is immediately fixed or completely replaced at no additional cost. 

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Model Uniforms is the family-owned business that your Pittsburgh business can trust. For a free consultation on our uniform, mat, and towel service, call us at (855) 336-6335 or reach out here